Al. Józefa Piłsudskiego 92/102b
41-308 Dąbrowa Górnicza

Sekretariat Dyrektora Zakładu:
+48 32 7355 601


Historical background.

The construction of the CHP plant (currently ZW Nowa) started along with other technological facilities of Huta Katowice as its integral part. On 29 March 2001 Elektrociepłownia EC Nowa Sp. z o. o. was separated from the structure of Huta Katowice S.A. as a separate business entity with the task of supplying energy utilities necessary for metallurgical production and generation of heat for the needs of Dąbrowa Górnicza.

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In April 2012 the EC Nowa was incorporated into the structures of TAURON Ciepło and its original name was changed into Zakład Wytwarzania Nowa (Nowa Generation Plant). In the new structures, the production targets have not changed.

In December 2014, the Nowa Manufacturing Plant became a part of a new company formed by AMP S.A. and TAURON Polska Energia S.A. – TAMEH HOLDING sp. z o.o.

Production at Nowa Generation Plant:

  • Blast (compressed air enriched with oxygen and used in the blast furnace process).
  • Compressed air for air separation units.
  • Electricity for auxiliaries and the external customers' needs.
  • Heat for heating and preparation of hot tap water for the Dąbrowa Górnicza area.
  • Heat for heating of ArcelorMittal Poland S.A. Unit in Dąbrowa Górnicza.
  • Hot tap water for ArcelorMittal Poland S.A. Unit in Dąbrowa Górnicza.
  • 0.8 MPa and 3 MPa steam for process at ArcelorMittal Poland S.A. Unit in Dąbrowa Górnicza.
  • Demineralised and softened water for own needs and for ArcelorMittal Poland S.A. Unit in Dąbrowa Górnicza.
  • Cooling water for own and external customers' needs.

Production potential of the Nowa Generation Plant

TG 1, 2, 3
Installed power [MW]3 x 25 = 75
TG 4,7
Installed power [MW]55 + 50
Total installed power [MW]180
District heating system
Output capacity [MWt]182
Steel Plant heating system
Output capacity [MWt]110
Coking Plant heating system (district heating reserve)
Output capacity [MWt]-
Hot tap water system
Output capacity [MWt]14
0.8 MPa steam generation system
Output capacity [MWt]92
3.0 MPa steam generation system
Output capacity [MWt]52
Demineralized water production system
Output capacity [MWt]8
Softened water production system
Output capacity [MWt]8

Boiler Operation Unit:

The scope of operation of the unit includes generation of steam at a pressure of 9 MPa and temperature of 540 °C.

The main equipment of the boiler room includes:

  • 5 OPG 230 steam boilers fired with pulverized coal and gases originating from metallurgical processes (blast furnace gas, converter gas) as well as with coke oven gas and natural gas,
  • 1 OPG 430 steam boiler fired with blast furnace gas and natural gas.

In terms of coal management, the section has:

  • a landfill with a capacity of 45 to 60 thousand tonnes of coal (depending on the grade),
  • wagon tippler,
  • equipment for dumping and loading of coal on belt conveyors.

All boiler waste is disposed of in a safe manner outside the Plant

and is not stored permanently on its premises.

Machine Unit:

The scope of activities of the Unit includes the production of the following utilities:

  • blast,
  • compressed air,
  • electric power,
  • heating power and hot tap water,
  • 0.8 MPa and 3 MPa steam for the process,
  • degassed demineralized and softened water.

The production equipment of the department includes:

  • 3 blast furnace turbo-blowers,
  • 5 air turbo-compressors,
  • 3 turbine generators of 25 MW,
  • 1 turbine generator of 55 MW,
  • 1 heat turbine generator with electric power of 50 MW,
  • basic and peak load heat exchangers operating in two heating systems:
    • system supplying the district heating system of Dąbrowa Górnicza,
    • system supplying the heating system of ArcelorMittal Poland S.A. Unit in Dąbrowa Górnicza.

Environmental aspects - current status:

The Nowa Generation Plant in Dąbrowa Górnicza has appropriate, legally required decisions in the field of environmental protection:

  • Emission of dust, gas and vapours as well as fumes and harmful substances into the air. The production processes at the Plant are fully monitored in order to fully comply with the binding emission standards. The amount of pollutants released into the air is significantly reduced as a result of pro-ecological investments.
  • The Plant has waste management system that covers:
    • deep and effective waste segregation and selective waste collection and storage,
    • safe temporary collection of waste at the site of the CHP plant,
    • transfer of waste for recovery or disposal to other authorised economic operators holding adequate permissions.
  • Noise emission. Technical solutions applied in the CHP plant in order to reduce noise result in the fact that at present the normal operation of the Plant does not exceed the legally permissible standards.
  • In the Nowa Generation Plant the potential threats to the environment in connection with possible soil contamination are identified. As a result of such identification, technical protections against pollution or contamination of soil and ground water are applied by sealing the area with a non-absorbent surface in the places where raw materials and waste are stored.
  • The CHP Plant in Dąbrowa Górnicza keeps the binding parameters of the generated wastewater using appropriate technical equipment and monitors the amount of consumed water and the amount of generated wastewater.

Within the scope of its activities TAMEH POLSKA sp. z o.o. Nowa Generation Plant strives to reduce pollution introduced into the environment, to sustainably use the resources and to improve energy efficiency. The operation of installation in accordance with the requirements of PN-EN ISO 14001:2015 standard ensures the achievement of targets of the environmental policy that combines the requirements of power utility production with the care for natural environment.

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