The Compliance Program

The Compliance Program is an area of the organization's activity, the purpose of which is to minimize the risk of non-compliance of its activities with the provisions of law, internal regulations or standards of conduct adopted by the organization. It allows not only to significantly reduce the risk of business, financial losses and loss of reputation, but also to strengthen the market position, social trust and care for the environment.
For a stable and secure future, the company's sustainable development is important. To ensure it, it is necessary for companies to operate in an ethical and responsible manner, thus ensuring the economic development of the company, but without excessive damage to the natural environment and taking into account the needs of employees and the local community.
In connection with the above, TAMEH is successively implementing elements of the Compliance Program system, the basis of which is the TAMEH Code of Business Ethics presented below. It is a set of rules that has been created in order to set the basic ethical and legal standards that guide all employees in their daily work.

Code of Business Conduct

Following the general principles included in the Code of Business Conduct, in order to maintain the highest standards of fair conduct and ethics within TAMEH POLSKA sp. z o.o. and in relations with its external stakeholders, the Company’s Management Board adopted and implemented the TAMEH POLSKA sp. z o.o. Anticorruption Policy.
As part of the Policy, particular attention was paid to the legal context of the functioning of corruption and activities limiting it, as well as to the basic principles limiting corruption in relations with selected stakeholders of the Company. These rules are in line with the guidelines of our Shareholders. The policy also indicates practical rules for dealing with risk of corrupt acts, with particular emphasis on the stage of its monitoring. Despite the wide range of issues covered in the Policy, one should be aware that there may also be other circumstances and actions that may be corrupted. All employees of our Company are expected to act in accordance with the guidelines included in the Policy, and in relations with contractors - to comply with the requirements applicable to them.

Anticorruption Policy

The management of the Company and its employees make every effort to identify, limit and monitor risks in the functioning of its areas and processes. Being aware of the significance of the legal and reputational risk, the Management Board of the Company adopted and implemented the principles of reporting violations of the law and protection of reporting persons.

Regulations no. R/THP-001. Reporting cases of violation of law and protection of persons making reports.

According to the Regulations no. R/THP-001:

  • the subject of the report may be a reasonable suspicion of actual or potential violation of law that have occurred or is likely to occur in the Company,
  • an action or failure to act that is illegal or is intended to circumvent the law should be considered as a violation of the law,
  • the rules do not apply if the breach of law is only harmful to the Reporting Person or the report is made solely in the interest of the applicant,
  • no retaliation may be taken against the Reporting Person and persons assisting in making the report,
  • the Compliance Officer is the person authorized to accept reports,
  • cases of violation of the law may be reported by letter ("for the attention of the Compliance Officer” at ZW Nowa), to the e-mail address (), by phone (+48 734 401 605) or using the Syganet functionality
  • Sygnanet enables the Reporting Person to disclose himself to the Compliance Officer, as well as the possibility of submitting an anonymous report. After sending the notification, the reporting person will receive information about its acceptance, and after conducting explanatory activities - general information about their results. The condition for reading this information is downloading the .............. pdf file with confirmation of sending the application. The confirmation should be downloaded immediately after sending the application. It contains an ID and password that allow you to read information from the Compliance Officer. The ID and password on the confirmation of sending the application also enables possible correspondence of the Compliance Officer with the applicant, while maintaining his anonymity, if the applicant decides not to disclose his identity,
  • at the request of the applicant, it is possible to submit the notification directly to the Compliance Officer's office, after prior appointment of the meeting,
  • the reporting person receives information about its acceptance within 7 days from the date of receipt of the notification,
  • up to 3 months from the confirmation of receipt of the notification by the Compliance Officer or, in the case of failure to provide the notification to the reporting person, 3 months from the lapse of 7 days from submitting the notification, the reporting person is informed about the follow-up actions taken,
  • in the situations specified in the Regulations, it is also possible to submit an external application.

Pursuant to the draft Act, a person who reports false information is subject to a fine, restriction of liberty or imprisonment for up to 3 years.


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