April 2019

Health and Safety Day at TAMEH POLSKA sp. z o. o.

On April 24-26, as part of professional development, promotion and improvement of work safety culture of employees, the Health and Safety Department organized workshops improving the safe work style in our company's facilities. This year, the focus was on work at heights, the LOTO system and personal protection equipment. A series of workshops improving the safe work style was presented.

Workshop 1.
Behavior and security, why do we take risks at work?

During the workshop, factors influencing accidents at work were discussed. Employees using alco-googles and fatigue- googles had the opportunity to test how alcohol and excessive fatigue affect behavior at work.


Workshop 2.
Testing of personal protective equipment.

During the workshop the instructors discussed the categories of PPE, then each of the participants could check, among others cut resistance of cut-resistant gloves, see if safety glasses protect against the blasting, if a protective helmet really protects our head from falling elements.


Workshop 3.
LOTO systems - presentation of LOTO equipment.

During the workshop, the instructors presented different types of locks, closures and markings that prevent accidental activation of the device or its elements. Some selected cases have been discussed in which LOTO systems save lives and workers' health. Participants had the option of installing locks on selected systems of cutting off energy sources on the simulation wall.


Workshop 4.
Safe at heights.

Employees had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the proper setting and wearing of personal protective equipment, the principles of equipment inspection, proper storage and maintenance of personal protective equipment for work at heights. The principles of working on ladders and landings, entering the tanks using ladders with rings were discussed. The instructors discussed the consequences of non-compliance with regulations / procedures / rules for safe working at heights.


As every year, the possibility of self-extinguishing a fire using hand-held firefighting equipment was very popular among employees. It should be noted that ladies employed in our plants showed the greatest courage.


Each of the employees could test their knowledge in the field of health and safety, environmental protection, fire safety and health, participating in the "Wheel of Fortune", solving tests, crossword rebuses. For the correct answer, every participant received awards.


Involvement of participants in the workshops, the opportunity to improve their skills, knowledge and awareness of safe work testifies to the desirability of organizing such days. We invite you today for the next "Safety Days" in 2020, as always in April.

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