September 2019

„Health week 18-20.09.2019” in TAMEH POLSKA.

For the first time, "Health Week " was organized in our company. Every employee of our company received a mix of fruits and were able to participate in practical classes on healthy nutrition, nutritional prevention and exercise, improving the functioning of our body in the modern world.

As part of the "Health Week" practical activities were presented:

  1. Ergonomics and safe work. As part of these classes, employees got acknowledged with the structure and functions of the spine. They learned how to properly lift weights, how to improve their workplace so as not to cause unnecessary load on the skeletal system.
  2. Preparation of healthy and tasty cocktails. Employees attended practical classes enabling the preparation of fruit cocktails with the addition of herbs that have a beneficial effect on the functioning of our body.
  3. Technical innovations and computer software in monitoring basic life functions. As part of these classes, employees were given the opportunity to perform tests such as: EKG, saturation, body temperature, and blood pressure and got acknowledged with technical innovations enabling monitoring of vital signs on applications on both a computer and a smartphone.
  4. Body composition analysis using the BIA method. During the study, the dietitian measured the amount of muscle, fat, visceral (abdominal) tissue, total water content in the body, bone mass, daily energy demand, determined metabolic age and, of course, body weight. He discussed a healthy diet and eating habits. This part of the classes got wide interest not only among the ladies of our factory. The gentlemen were also eager to use the advice of a dietitian.
  5. First premedical help. Mobile pre-medical first aid points have been organized. The instructors moved around our facilities and practically checked the skills of our employees in cardiopulmonary resuscitation, dressing wounds or placing the injured in a fixed lateral position.
  6. Wheel of fortune with prizes. In these places, our employees had the opportunity to test their knowledge in the field of psychology, first aid, movement and ergonomics.

"Week for health" ended with the bicycle rally "Trail of the Fuel War" in the city of Kędzierzyn - Koźle. During the rally, the former concentration camp in Sławięcice, the remains of the camp hospital and the Memorial Room run by the "Blechhammer Association 1944" were visited.

An indispensable element of the Week for Health is the organized preventive vaccination campaign against FLU.

"Health Week" is a form of drawing our employees' attention to the need for health prevention and mobilization to a healthy and active lifestyle. We invite you to participate in the following days promoting a healthy lifestyle.


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