February 2019

An Investment Project named "Modernization of the blast furnace installation at ZW Kraków".

As part of the project, two tasks are planned. The first one involves replacing the pipelines of the blast furnace blower supplying the Blast Furnace number 5 (WP-5). In addition, to improve the energy efficiency of the technological process, the insulation of the new pipeline shoule be made (a section about 570 meters long).

The second task is to create an oxygen reduction station with instrumentation and metering. Oxygen will be dispensed directly into the cold blast furnace line. After completing the task, it will be possible to smoothly adjust the amount of oxygen flow in the range of 0 ÷ 11,300 Nm3 / h. Control station and shut-off fittings will be located in the control room WP-5, which will improve the efficiency of the technological process.

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