January 2016

Construction of 50 MW extraction and condensing turbo set

Generation Plant Nowa in Dąbrowa Górnicza

A new turbo generator was handed over for operation in TAMEH POLSKA sp. z o.o., Generation Plant Nowa in Dąbrowa Górnicza. The 55 MWe unit increased productivity, output and reliability of the plant.

The investment, whose value exceeded PLN 120 million, focused on the maximum utilization of metallurgical gases (blast furnace, coke oven and BOF gas), and their efficient conversion into electric energy, heat and other utilities for AMP plant. The implementation of those projects considerably contributes to the protection of natural environment as it makes it possible to significantly reduce fuel consumption and the resulting emissions as well. It also reduces the volume of metallurgical gases flared (blast furnace gas is flared if its collection is interrupted to keep blast furnace safe).

The turbo generator is one of the most modern constructions of that type in Poland - high-performing and efficient. Over one thousand people representing 50 companies were involved in the execution of this investment. It is the first of a series of environmental investments planned by TAMEH POLSKA sp. z.o.o aimed at increasing energy efficiency.

Environmental impact of the investment:

Reduction of CO2 emission - 64 950 t/year
Reduction of SO2 emission - 354 t/year
Reduction of NOx emission - 92 t/year
Reduction of dust emission - 35 t/year

Investment in figures:
Weight of the structure – 100 tons
Weight of pipelines and fittings – 200 tons
Length of cables laid – 45 km

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