May 2019

Another project in ZW Nowa has been put into operation.

Two further tasks of the Investment Project under the name "Construction of a flue gas purification installation together with the modernization of OPG 230 boilers in ZW Nowa" have been put into operation at Zakład Wytwarzania Nowa:

  • Construction of the semi-dry flue gas desulphurisation installation for OPG boilers - 230 No. 1- 5 in ZW Nowa
  • Construction of flue gas denitrification installation for the OPG - 230 boilers No. 1- 5 in ZW Nowa.

Through the implementation of the Investment Project, the Plant was adapted to the emission requirements set out in Directive 2010/75 / EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 24 November 2010 on industrial emissions.

The amounts of SO2, dust and NOx in the flue gas have been reduced to less than 180 mg / Nm3, 10 mg / Nm3 and 190 mg / Nm3, respectively.

The flue gas resulting from the combustion of gases and solid fuel is first subjected to desulphurisation after the reaction with lime and then dust removal in bag filters.

Denitration takes place in a special reactor using ammonia water.

A major investment challenge for the Project was an on-going work in an existing, active industrial plant. Thanks to the Contractor's mobilization in cooperation with the representatives of Zakład Wytwarzania Nowa and the ArcelorMittal Poland SA branch in Dąbrowa, the goal was achieved while maintaining the Plant's production continuity.


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