September 2017

Erection of a waste gas cleaning installation and modernization of boilers OPG 230 in Generation Plant Nowa

Generation Plant Nowa in Dąbrowa Górnicza

Erection of a waste gas cleaning installation and modernization of boilers OPG 230 in Generation Plant Nowa

Company General Electric International S.A. was involved in a key project  related to the erection of a waste gas cleaning installation and modernization of boilers OPG-230  in Generation Plant Nowa belonging to TAMEH POLSKA sp. z o.o.

Contract for the execution of this project was signed in February 2016. Works include preparation of the engineering part of the installation of semi-dry desulfurization of waste gas, its erection and handover for operation. The investment is focused on the removal of pollution including dust, sulfur oxides (SOx) and nitrogen oxides (NOx).

The erection of foundations, being a basis for the key structures such as the building which will house NID modules for the SCR installation, silos and waste gas ducts, is mostly finished. The assembly of support structures erected in connection with the desulfurization system is also finished. Assembly of steel structures is now in progress. The erection of the support structure for the rotary heat exchanger GGH connected with waste gas denitrification installation was completed, whereas the installation of the gas-gas heat exchanger (GGH) weighing over 800 tons is in progress. The installation of connections of waste gas ducts to boilers no. 3 & 4 was finished. Installation works related to the connection to boiler no. 5 are almost finished.

What is an interesting challenge in this kind of projects is the fact that we work in an existing and active production plant which means that the new equipment that we install must be fitted into a specific space and people managing the project on the part of the Ordering Party and the Contractor are obligated to make sure that their actions do not interrupt the operation of the heat and power plant. These are the situations when our skills and specialist knowledge of engineering services, delivery and erection are put to test and prove to be of key importance.

Installations in plants will make it possible to meet the increasingly stringent requirements regarding air quality, and achieve full compliance with provisions of IED Directive. After their commissioning, the DeSOx and DeNOx installations will secure SO2, dust and NOx level in waste gas below 180 mg/Nm3, 10 mg/Nm3 and 190 mg/Nm3.

The project will make it possible to maintain the operation of all steam boilers in Generation Plant Nowa without interrupting their normal operation.

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